Special Section on the Congo and Burundi

The Spring 2013 issue of the International Psychology Bulletin contains a special section on the Congo and Burundi.  The following five articles are of note, and can be accessed both here and in the Spring 2013 issue of IPB.

Keeping an Eye on Congo
By Rev. Jade de Saussure, OMC, MSW, Doctoral Student
Fordham University

Psychology and the Situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
By Jean Marie Vianney Bazibuhe

Psychology Serving the Nation of Burundi: Needs and Challenges
By Julien Munganga Imani

Social Work in the Democratic Republic of Congo
By Lucio Kikuni Kangela Congo
Hope Africa University (Social Work)

Psychosocial intervention in the DRC: Challenges and successes of MEDAIR
By Riët Kroeze Msc, Bsc
Deputy Country Director Programmes DRC