Who Can Apply For Membership?

Anyone interested in international psychology, both members and nonmembers of the American Psychological Association, may join Division 52.

We welcome all:

  • APA Fellows, Members, and Associates
  • APA Student Affiliates
  • APA International Affiliates
  • Professors and students
  • Practitioners and public policy makers
  • Anyone interested in International Psychology

We Welcome Students!

The Division of International Psychology is dedicated to providing opportunities for students to meet and interact with other students from around the world. Students are encouraged to join Division 52, to attend our social and networking events at the APA conventions, to submit their work to the Division’s Program Committee, and to contribute to the Student’s Page in upcoming issues of the International Psychology Bulletin.

For information about the Division 52 Student Committee website, go to

To Become A Member

Take advantage of a special offer. Only current APA International Affiliates (Join APA here) can join D52 for a special 1st year price.

Regular menbers and renewing members can download the Division 52 Membership form.

(Form Last Updated on April 12, 2015)

You can also find a membership application form via the American Psychological Association (APA) website: