Dr. Florence Denmark: 2011 APA Award
for Outstanding Lifetime Contributions to Psychology

Dr. Florence Denmark has been selected as a recipient of the 2011 APA Award for Outstanding Lifetime Contributions to Psychology. The award was presented at the Opening Session of the American Psychological Association’s annual convention. This award is the highest one that APA presents. Past recipients have included Albert Bandura, B. F. Skinner, Janet Spence and Daniel Kahneman.

Below is a video of Dr. Florence Denmark receiving her award at the APA Convention’s opening ceremony. You can also watch the video on YouTube here.

Citation of the Dr. Denmark’s award read by APA President Melba Vasquez may be accessed at by clicking HERE.

Congratulations Florence!

APA Division 52 POSTER*

CIRP/OIA Poster Session

119th APA Annual Convention in Washington, DC.

August 2011
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(This poster highlights select international activties of Division 52 based on the following categories – Teaching, Science, Service, and other international activities. In addition, it describes the Division’s global mission and provides examples of the programs and opportunities it offers. You will notice in the middle of the poster a figure of an iPad which functioned as an interactive kiosk (in PDF format) which may be downloaded separately.

*Davis, B., Houran, R., Kuriansky, J., Rubin, N., & Velayo, R. (August 2011). One World Psychology: Global Connections and International Psychology in APA Division 52.
Presented at the 119th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, Washington, DC.

VIDEO: International Psychology: What Students Want to Know

Overall summary: This video trailer was derived from the 35-minute DVD documentary about the topic of International Psychology. The title is “International Psychology: What Students Want to Know.”

Goal: The aim is to acquaint students with the nature of international psychology, and to raise their interest in the topic. After seeing the DVD, students have expressed greater understanding of international psychology and interest in contemplating or pursuing a career in international psychology.

Sections: The video is divided into different sections. These include: the definition of International Psychology; profiles of various international psychologists (where they work and who they work with); psychologists activities and student opportunities at the United Nations; advice to students from international psychologists; student’s descriptions of their international projects; how students have gotten funding for their projects; starting a career in IP; resources to find out about international psychology; and guidelines about whether international psychology is a field that fits the student.

Specific events/scenes covered that demonstrate some activities of international psychology include scenes from Psychology Day at the United Nations; student interns at the United Nations; a Division 52 member interacting with students describing how to join; a discussion group of women from various countries planning a collaborative research project; and professionals and students being interviewed at various international conferences, including the 2nd Middle East and North Africa regional Conference in Amman Jordan and the American Psychological Association convention in San Francisco.

International psychologists featured in the video represent all the continents and many countries of the world, including Asia, Africa, North America, South America, and Europe. Diverse countries are represented including Jordan, Argentina, Dubai, Canada, Ireland, Turkey, Kuwait and many others. Some international psychologists featured include Jim Georgas from Greece, Mike Knowles from Australia, and Elizabeth Nair from Singapore.

Representation of APA: APA is featured in the DVD through:
(1) representatives (members, executives);
(2) interviews at an APA convention;
(3) psychologists and members of Division 52 involved in considerable international work, including Drs. Uwe Gielen, Michael Stevens, Richard Velayo, Danny Wedding, Florence Denmark and Judy Kuriansky;
(4) APA’s CEO Dr. Norman Anderson speaks from the podium at the United Nations;
(5) Dr. Ray Fowler and many others speak from the American Psychological Association meeting floors;
(6) scenes of students being recruited for Division 52; and
(7) references for further information listed at the end of the DVD which include APA resources.

Production: The executive producers are Division 52 members Drs. Uwe Gielen and Judy Kuriansky, who also serves as producer. Jeremy Wedding (son of Division 52’s Danny Wedding) is one of the editors.