Anastasi Graduate Student Research Awards

Anne Anastasi was president of the American Psychological Association in 1965 and was awarded the National Medal of Science in 1987. She made major conceptual contributions to the understanding of the manner in which psychological development is influenced by environmental and experiential factors. Her writings have provided incisive commentary on test construction and the proper application of psychological tests. She drew attention to the individual being tested and therefore to the responsibilities of the testers. She called for them to go beyond test scores, to search the assessed individuals’ history to help them to better understand their own results and themselves. This award is thus named after her and was funded by the Anne Anastasi Foundation.

All Div52 applicants will be considered for this award, however the ones who demonstrate research that focus on psychometrics and differential psychology in respect to Anne Anastasi contributions to the field from an international perspective will be highly considered.

Each awardee will receive $300 and a certificate. The winner will be decided based on the student’s vitae and research plan, plus a supporting letter from the student’s advisor. There are no restrictions on nominees, self-nominations, as well as nominations by others.

Application Process

The application deadline is June 7th.

Please send the following materials electronically to the 2015 Chair of the Committee, Suzana Adams, PsyD ( and to the members of the Committee, Mercedes A. McCormick PhD ( and Zhipeng Gao (

I. Cover Letter with the following information. Please attach the following checklist with your application:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Institution
  • A mentor’s name and his/her email
  • Focus of research and title
  • There are 2 levels of the Anastasi Award: Students with 2 years or less of graduate study and those with more than 2 years of graduate study. Please indicate (check off) in your cover letter the one that best applies to you:
    • __Two years or less of study beyond the baccalaureate or
    • __More than two years beyond the baccalaureate.
  • If applicable, year in which masters’ degree was completed or projected year in which masters’ degree will be completed.

II. Please add to the Cover Letter the following attachments:

  1. Research statement on your past/present/future work (2-3 pages, with limited number of important citations)
  2. Your Curriculum Vitae
  3. Supporting letter from one mentor, either attached or sent separately


Anastasi Graduate Student Research Award Recipients

2015: Emily R Sano (Pennsylvania State University) & Jiabin Shen (University of Alabama at Birmingham)